Drivers Online Training


Drivers Online Training—Overview

CayCan Safety Consulting is proud to introduce Drivers Online Training to the transportation industry. D.O.T. is a series of innovative online commercial training modules designed to improve transportation safety standards and reduce safety violations. By teaching and testing only the most current, legislated material, D.O.T. modules assist carriers in the development of superior safety routines.

CayCan's online driver training courses are focused on teaching drivers the techniques needed to properly perform required vehicle inspections. Upon completion of the online training program drivers will posses the skills needed to recognize, understand and react to any defects that may be found during the inspection process.

Drivers Online Training—Learning Environment

CayCan Safety Consulting has partnered with a professional online education company to provide transportation carriers with an optimal learning environment. Each online driver training lesson promotes transportation safety compliance and fully complies with learning management system standards.

Here at CayCan Safety Consulting we understand that the transportation industry does not operate on a fixed schedule, because of this we allow students to complete the course over a 60 day period beginning from the day they register, leaving room for the unforeseen.

Beyond simply training and certifying drivers CayCan goes a step further and ensures that each driver taking an online course understands and retains the material they are presented. At the end of each module drivers will be tested and required to achieve a minimum score in order to pass and receive credit for completing the course.

Driver Online Training—Affordability

CayCan's Drivers Online Training modules are an inexpensive training solution for the transportation industry. D.O.T. participants avoid the hassle and expense of traveling to in-class seminars, receiving the same high quality, industry approved safety training no matter where they are.

Driver Online Training—Tracking

At Caycan we believe that it is just as important to allow drivers to easily track their training progress as it is to provide them comprehensive and up-to-date safety information. With CayCan's Drivers Online Training, both individual drivers and company representatives can easily follow their progress through their online driver safety training.

Driver Online Training—Testing & Certification

CayCan Safety Consulting takes transport driver training very seriously and for that reason we ensure all students who receive credit for completing the course not only pass the final exam but achieve a minimum of 80% or higher. Each student will be given two attempts to achieve a score of 80%. If after two attempts the student is still unsuccessful additional exams may be taken at a surcharge of five dollars per exam. CayCan must be contacted directly via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to process the request for additional exams. This request may take up to 48 hours.


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"I would like to express my gratitude for providing an excellent course. Professional, complete, and concise, the way I like it. Again, thank you!"