This online Provincial Hours of Service (Alberta) course explains the hours of service limits set out by Alberta Regulation 317/2002 and how they apply to provincially regulated carriers and drivers. As learners cover topics such as the four duty statuses, daily log requirements, and driver and carrier responsibilities, they will be equipped with the legislation and information required to ensure everyone's safety on the road and to reduce fatigue related incidents.

Material in this course was developed using the Alberta Hours of Service Regulations and Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

Course Outline

  • Vehicles regulated and exempted by the Alberta Hours of Service Regulations

  • The four duty statuses of commercial vehicle drivers

  • Minimum required off-duty time

  • Requirements for using a sleeper berth

  • Maximum allowed driving and on-duty hours

  • Driving and on-duty exemptions

  • Information required on daily logs

  • Daily log exemptions

  • Daily log possession and retention requirements

  • Responsibilities of carriers and drivers