CayCan Provides a variety of services designed to train, measure and support the transportation industry. We are focused on supplying professional services tailored to teach transportation compliance management.

National Safety Code Compliance Audits

CayCan Safety is contracted by Alberta Transportation to conduct regulatory transportation vehicle safety audits which measure the carriers compliance with the National Safety Code. The same audit can be conducted internally to evaluate the carriers current status, identify areas for improvement and prepare for upcoming government required transport vehicle safety audits. An action plan is produced and assistance is available as required. It is always easier to implement change on your own terms rather than an imposed deadline. See Alberta Transportation's web site for detailed information of Transportation Compliance Requirements.

CayCan Safety Consulting provides industry leading transport vehicle training. Our staff are educated in the field of transportation compliance management and can provide insight into vehicle inspection guidelines, load attachment requirements and National Safety Code compliance. We offer as many courses in as many various locations as possible. Contact us if you would like to suggest further locations, receive more information about our driver training programs or schedule a course (listed below) today

Trip Inspection Training

CayCan Safety offers training that provides drivers with the knowledge and skills required to perform effective vehicle trip inspections. This course covers the National Safety Code Standard 13 (trip inspections) as well as the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Out of Service Criteria. Having an effective understanding of these standards will allow a driver to perform the same inspection, to the same standards, that enforcement agencies perform across North America. This course is offered online via our Drivers Online Training.

Hours of Service

Properly understanding and following the hours of service regulations is an essential part of being a professional truck driver.

Ensure that you and your company is up to speed with the current Hours of Service legislation. This one-day course designed for managers, supervisors, owners and transport drivers gives a comprehensive overview of transportation safety legislation and clarifies any misunderstandings. This course looks at each section of the legislation, and with the help of examples, gives participants the basic understanding needed to ensure truck drivers remain in compliance with the safety regulations. Log auditing is also a part of this course, and the student will come away with the basic skills to audit logbooks.

Transportation compliance certificates will be issued upon successful completion of examination.

Load Securement

This half-day course was developed for managers, safety officers, dispatchers, truck drivers and shippers.

The course covers the North American Cargo Securement Standard (NSC Standard 10). The learning objective is to have the participant understand how to calculate the formulas required to ensure their cargo is properly secured. Insecure cargo or "loose loads" is an Out of Service item that is becoming one of the transportation industries most common Carrier Profile safety violations. Learn the various load attachment requirements and avoid costly violations. Build your own company/commodity specific transport driver safety courses using the materials provided.

Course Overview:

  • National Safety Code - 16 Standards Overview

  • NSC Standard 10 - Cargo Securement

  • Current Alberta Cargo Securement Regulation

  • General Freight/Bulk Commodities/Pipe Tubes

  • Cargo Securement & Rig Moves

  • Securement Devices & Working Load Limits

Transportation compliance certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the exam.

NSC Overview

This full day course was developed for managers, safety officers and office administrators.

This transportation compliance training course outlines the 16 Standards of the National Safety Code. The learning objective is to raise overall awareness of what the National Safety Code is and how it relates to federal and provincial legislation. The truck transportation industry is heavily regulated, and most carriers either don't know they are classified as a transport carrier, or don't know what the rules are that they have to follow. We will go through the National Safety Code Standards and related legislation governing the truck driving industry that you are expected to comply with. Is your commercial transportation company prepared for an NSC Audit?

Transportation compliance certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the exam.

CayCan Safety Consulting can assist you in establishing a smooth process flow that produces a trackable Safety and Maintenance Program. Policies, procedures, forms, monitoring, truck driver training and documentation are all reviewed to ensure your systems meet legislated standards imposed on the transportation industry.

Commercial Driver Guidance

Let our knowledge and experience of the commercial transportation industry create or customize your current company's Safety and Maintenance Programs to ensure they meet all current legislation requirements. We will also include any company specific guidelines. Our extensive expertise in the field of truck driver training allows CayCan Safety Consulting to prepare a Health and Safety program to help your transport company achieve its Certification of Recognition. This can be accomplished by developing your Health and Safety manual, or doing a baseline transportation safety audit, by our AMTA certified External auditor, to determine your status in regard to applying for your Certificate of Recognition through the AMTA.

If you are interested in the AMTA's Partners in Compliance program, we can assist you in preparing for this benefit.

Transportation Safety Programs