Kris Fulgham

Kris Fulgham, owner, stands by the values held by CayCan Safety Consulting from it's creation in Spring 2000. The goal was, and continues to be, to aid the commercial transportation industry in achieving, maintaining and measuring compliance with the National Safety Code and related legislation.

Kris is dedicated to providing industry with programs and services aimed at creating a safer operating environment for all carriers. Experience in both private industry and with enforcement have given Kris an understanding of the challenges faced by the industry.

He is dedicated to providing service that is a flexible, educated and professional, aimed at tackling compliance issues, driver training program development,  and performance monitoring. He is responsible for overseeing all of CayCan's transportation safety solutions and is certified by the Alberta Transportation as a Third Party Auditor. Kris works with clients to ensure safety programs and training addresses real-world problems, are up-to-date and adapt to individual needs.